Corrupting the ARM Exception Vector Table


A few months ago, I was writing a Linux kernel exploitation challenge on ARM in an attempt to learn about kernel exploitation and I thought I'd explore things a little. I chose the ARM architecture mainly because I thought it would be fun to look at. This article is going to describe how the ARM Exception Vector Table (EVT) can aid in kernel exploitation in case an attacker has a write what-where primitive. It will be covering a local exploit scenario as well as a remote exploit scenario. Please note that corrupting the EVT has been mentioned in the paper "Vector Rewrite Attack"[1], which briefly talks about how it can be used in NULL pointer dereference vulnerabilities on an ARM RTOS.

The article is broken down into two main sections. First a brief description of the ARM EVT and its implications from an exploitation point of view (please note that a number of things about the EVT will be omitted to keep this article relatively short). We will go over two examples showing how we can abuse the EVT.

I am assuming the reader is familiar with Linux kernel exploitation and knows some ARM assembly (seriously).

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