Diary of a reverse-engineer

Because we like to play with weird things.

How to contribute

If you like code obfuscation, breaking protection schemes, weird machines, anti-debugging tricks, packers, bug-exploitation or anything about binaries, get in touch with us if you are willing to get involved somehow! As a writer, a correcter, ideas-giver, ..anything!

See that blog as a micro-blogging platform where you can speak about binaries-related subjects. We don’t want to use it to write long papers, because a lot of us have already their personal blogs ; use it for stuff you don’t publish on your blogs.

You can also contact the owners:

We are also hanging out on IRC (#doar-e@irc.w3challs.com), on twitter (@doar_e) and we are currently experimenting a googlegroup ; don’t be shy & join us!

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